Meet Keith Felker (Stylist)

Meet Keith Felker. Master Colorist, Master Designer

Keith's career spans three decades and he continues to remain on the cutting edge of current techniques, designs and trends. Early in his journey Keith was actively involved in winning awards at hair symposiums and competitions.
He has trained with the industries elite icons, from NY to LA.. Keith spent a decade working with a prominent modeling agency, instructing career minded models the concept of proper hair care and management. His focus has always been to help his clients feel good about the way they look and teach them how to duplicate their hairstyles at home. Keith truly enjoys pairing luxurious color with the perfect cut , while helping you find a color that brings out your skins natural beauty.

A L'Oreal professional, Keith is skilled in hair colors and haircuts. Want to have amazing hair and look your best? Call Keith today at 864-901-7908 and start looking forward to Great Hair Days!
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